Eggs – Possum Creek Open-Range 700g Dozen


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A Better Choice – Possum Creek – Open-Range Eggs

No cages, No Restraints, No Pressure… It’s called ‘Open Range’ – a new standard for truly sustainable and compassionate chicken farming. We just love it, and show our appreciation by making beautiful fresh eggs with the highest nutrition and most extraordinary taste possible!

We’re moved every few days in our purpose-built ‘Chook Caravan’ to a new paddock, to eat a tasty assortment of seeds, weeds, grasses, bugs and worms. This ‘paddock rotation’ helps us girls feel a true sense of freedom!

The folks at Possum Creek Farm are kind and smart, they don’t de-beak us like other hens, which means we can still peck all that goodness from the ground and preen ourselves to stay happy and healthy!

Hope you enjoy our eggs; All the best from the girls at Possum Creek.