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1 1kg Choice Seedless Grapes Varities
5 Pcs Kiwifruit
2 Pcs Large Avocados
4 Pcs Large Cavendish Bananas
2 Pcs Large Granny Smith Apples
2 Pcs Large Nectarines ( white or yellow flesh )
2 Pcs Large Peaches ( white or yellow flesh )
2 Pcs Large Mango Varities
1 Pcs Large Melon Varities
5 Pcs Large Oranges
3 Pcs Large Pears
1 Pcs large Pineapple
2 pcs Large Red Apples
1 Punnets Berries Varities

The List above is an indication only , the Selection will Contain Seasonal Fruit .

*Items are subject to change with availability*Only 2 items per box can be changed with items of equal value (changes can be made by writing in our ‘delivery instructions’)