*Jumbo Family Box (Set & Forget)

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2 Pc Pumpkin ( Jap or Butternut or Grey)
1  Head (Iceberg,Cos,Baby Cos,Hydro or Salad Mix) Lettuce
1 Pc Medium Mangoes Variety or Strawberry Punnet
1 Bunch Green Kale, silverbeet or 150g Spinach / Rocket
2 Celery Half Bunch or Qtr Cabbage Varities
1 Half Head Baby Seedless Watermelon or half pineapple or Half Melon Varities
2 Half Head Cauliflower or 2pcs Medium Or 1 pc Lg Broccoli
1 Kg Bag Carrots
1 Pc Continental or 500g Cucumber Varities
8 Pcs (White, Red, sweet or Brushed) Medium or Small Potatoes
5 Pcs Brown or Red Onions
6 Pcs Choice Cavendish bananas
2 Pcs Large Avocados or 500g Small Avocados
5 Pcs Orange Varities or Kiwifruit
8 Pcs Small ( Roma or round) Tomatoes or 2 x Cherry
4 pcs Small (mixed coloured or Red or Green) Capsicum
4 Pcs Small Green Apples
8 Pcs small Mandarin varities
5 Pcs small pears or Nashi
8 Pcs Small Red Apples
3 pcs zucchini ( lg or medium or ugly ) or 250g (beans or snow peas)

The “or” option is for what is good and available in season

*Items are subject to change with availability

*Only 2 items per box can be changed with items of equal value (changes can be made by writing in our ‘delivery instructions’)