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1  Head (Iceberg,Cos,Baby Cos,Hydro or Salad Mix) Lettuce
5  Pcs Sml Persimmon, Sml Passionfruit or Sml Kiwifruit
4 x pcs zucchini ( lg or medium or ugly ) or 500g beans or snow peas
1 Bag 250g Mushroom Varities (buttons or flats)
2 Bunch Green Kale, silverbeet or 150g Spinach / Rocket
2 Celery Half Bunch or Qtr Cabbage Varities
2 Half Head Baby Seedless Watermelon or half pineapple or Half Rockmelon
2 Half Head Cauliflower or 2pcs Broccoli
1 Kg Bag Carrots
2 kg Pc Pumpkin ( Jap or Butternut or Grey)
2 Pc Continental or 500g lebanese Cucumbers
8 Pcs (White or Red washed or Brushed) Potatoes
5 Pcs Brown or Red Onions
10 Pcs Choice Cavendish bananas
2 Pcs Large Avocados or 500g Small Avocados
8 Pcs Small ( Roma or round) Tomatoes or 1 x Cherry
4 pcs Small (mixed coloured or Red or Green) Capsicum
10 Pcs Small Green Apples
10 Pcs Small Mandarins

10 Pcs small pears or Nashi
10 Pcs Small Red Apples

The “or” option is for what is good and available in season

*Items are subject to change with availability

*Only 2 items per box can be changed with items of equal value (changes can be made by writing in our ‘delivery instructions’)