Organic Mixed Fruit and Vegetable 8kg Box

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Please note, due to a lack of chemicals and preservatives use on Organic produce, there is a reduced shelf life.Please note that the list  below is just a guide, Items be changed subject to availability.

1 x 1 kg Organic Valencia Oranges or Kiwi Fruit
1 x 250G Organic Spinach or Salad mix or Rocket
1 x 1kg Organic Cavendish Bananas
1 x 500g Organic Green or Red apples
1x 500g Organic Tomatoes or Broccoli
1 x 500g Organic Brown or Red Onions
1 x 500g Organic Brushed or Sweet Potatoes
1 x 500g Organic Red or green CAPSICUM
1 x 500g Organic choice Carrots or Zucchini
1 x 750g Organic Cucumbers or Beetroot
1 x 500g Organic Limes or Lemons
1 x 500g Pcs Organic Grapefruit or Avocados
1x kg Organic Green pears or Nashi Pears


*Only 2 items per box can be changed with items of equal value (changes can be made by writing in our ‘delivery instructions’