Organic Mixed Fruit and Vegetable 8kg Box

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Please note, due to a lack of chemicals and preservatives use on Organic produce, there is a reduced shelf life.Please note that the list  below is just a guide, Items be changed subject to availability.

1 kg Organic Oranges or 500g Mandarins or Grapefruit
1kg Organic Budget Cavendish Bananas
250G Spinach or Salad mix or Rocket or Kale leaves
1 kg juicing Green or Red apples
500g Broccoli Or Half Head Cauliflower
500g Organic Brown or Red Onions
500g Organic Brushed or Sweet Potatoes
500g Organic choice Carrots or Zucchini
500g Organic Cucumbers or Beetroot
500g Organic Red or green CAPSICUM
500g organic normal or roma Tomatoes Or 1/2 Bunch celery
500g Avocados or 1 kg pc pumpkin
500g organic Limes or Lemons
500g Green pears or Nashi Pears


*Only 2 items per box can be changed with items of equal value (changes can be made by writing in our ‘delivery instructions’