Muesli – Herman Brot – Red Fruits Protein Muesli ~ 550g


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Protein Muesli – Red Fruits

LOW SUGAR 3.3g | LOW CARB 8.4g | HIGHER PROTEIN 19.8g | LOW Gi = 32 | HIGH FIBRE 4.9g

It’s difficult to find a breakfast cereal that’s not loaded with sugar.  Not only is our muesli low in carbohydrates, it is extremely high in protein ensuring you stay full longer and you can fuel your muscles for maximum growth.  It also boasts one of the lowest GI ratings of any cereal on the market.


Soy flakes, Soy-crispies [Soy protein, Rice semolina, Soy flour, Salt], Soy-crispies with Cacao [Soy protein, Rice semolina, Sugar, Cacao powder fat-reduced, Soy flour, Salt, natural flavour] Strawberry pieces [2%], Cherry pieces [2%], Quinoa puffs, Dextrin, Inulin, Flavour, Red beet extract, Sweetener [Sucralose]

550G Bag